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Our story

Before we become partners in business, we are friends first and then colleagues. We realise we both share one thing: We enjoy learning. Not purely and not always in the academic sense of the word, although there is that too, but more about having an abundance of curiousities. For us, the emphasis is on “enjoy”.sex free aloha play slots for free

We have worked for other people in the field of education. We have seen the inside working of schools, colleges, universities and private education providers. One of us is already a successful entrepreneur and the other is a high flyer working in UK, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
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Collectively, we enjoy all kinds of activities that enrich us as a person and as a leader. From talking to people, observing, listening to music, having quiet time contemplating, or joining crazy fun time, it is this spirit of enjoyment of learning and discovery that inspires us to select these courses for you!

We hope you agree that we enjoy learning.

Now tell us about you.

Share your story with us