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From behind the scenes theory to creating the next blockbuster, rewrite your script on our Film & TV course

Don’t just watch, wonder. Wonder about the symbolism of your favourite films, why the characters have been developed a certain way, how the music score influences the atmosphere and why the central themes are there.

Then wonder how it was all produced, from the lighting to the sets. Curious? Then our Film & TV course is right up your movie aisle. From production to reception, we’ll explore the ways in which films and TV shows are made and received, the cultural significance for different target audiences and what they mean in the wider context.

There’s a lot more to this course than theory – you’ll be working as a team to bring film to a real-life London event or dilemna for a fully immersive, engaging experience. Master the secrets of the film and TV industry alongside leading experts and absorb the knowledge of the finest creative and academic minds to develop your technical skills and style.

During the course, we’ll visit some of London’s most prestigious venues for inspiration such as the London Film Museum, the Globe Theatre, The Cinema Museum or the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA).

Cue the music…